Classic Car Catalogue

Lanchester 1935

Ten 4 cyl. 1203 cc  
Eighteen 6 cyl. 2390 cc — ost. rok
Eighteen 6 cyl. 2563 cc — new model
Light Six   — new model

Great Britain

Lanchester 18 is basically a Daimler (Lanchester had been taken over in 1931 by the BSA Group of which Daimler had been a member since 1910). The 18 has a 53-bhp 2390-cc six-cylinder OHV engine with fixed cylinder head. Transmission comprises Daimler Fluid Flywheel with self-changing gearbox. In the summer the engine was bored-out to 2563 cc. The same unit is used in the new Daimler Light 20 introduced in July, a few weeks before the Lanchester.
Maharajah of Jamnaga had bought 13 Lanchesters 10 and 18 HP and 3 Daimler Straight-Eights.

10 Saloon