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Lamborghini 1973

Miura - discontinued
Countach - Geneva


Zbudowano 150 egzemplarzy P400SV. Łącznie 463 sztuk wszystkich odmian modelu Miura.
After being in production for two years, resulting in 177 units, the Jarama was replaced by a new 'S'-model, featuring several improvements. The Jarama S has a revised interior, the front seats now has slimmer seatbacks, resulting in more legroom for the rear passengers. The wood trim is replaced with brushed aluminium and the complete instrument panel is redesigned. A new, more efficient exhaust system, together with revised heads, cams and carburetion, raised the power of the GTS up to 365 bhp. Externally the new model has a wide, low air intake on the bonnet and air-extractors on the front wings.
A lot of work still had to be done before the Countach could go into even limited production. The car shown at 1971 Geneva show was only a prototype and the engine that was installed into it blew up on the first tests. The engine cooling was a major problem. With the horizontally mounted radiators, the engine immediately overheated. Therefore, the entire cooling system had to be changed, switching to vertically mounted radiators. Other outside changes are the installing of an effective windshield wiper system with one big wiper and a smaller one, and a rear view mirror is put on the bodywork. A change that is less well visible is the raised 'bumper point' to reduce the nose slope, because at high speed the steering became very heavy. At Geneva Auto Show, the first LP400 Countach prototype was shown, painted in a bright red and with a black suede interior. It shows the air intakes and the NACA ducts and has the 4.0-Litre engine installed, on the inside, the digital gauges are removed and the periscope rear view mirror is abandoned.
After the show Bob Wallace used this car to perform various hard road and track tests. These tests led to a second LP400 Countach, which now used the tubular chassis. Driving lights were built into the front bumper, together with air intakes underneath it for the front brakes, and the installed windshield wiper was the same as on the actual production cars, while the first, red prototype used two wipers. This dark green with brown upholstery Countach was shown to the public on the 1973 Paris Auto Show.



P 250 (V8 cyl, 2463 cm³, 220 cv)


Jarama S

GTS (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 365 cv)


Espada S3

400GTE (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 350 cv)

In the picture is Espada S2.



P400SV (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 380 cv) - discontinued
P400SV/J - discontinued



LP400 (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 375 cv)

LP400 prototype.

One of the most exciting (and expensive) cars ever made, the Countach from the Italian Lamborghini factory, is capable of no less than 187 m.p.h. Its powerful V12-cylinder engine is mounted transversely across the box-type chassis, behind the two seats. Current safety regulations could presage the end of this type of machine, so those with more than £16,000 to spend on such magnificent machinery should step in quickly. The Countach has all-independent suspension and a five-speed gearbox to exploit the tremendous performance.

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