Classic Car Catalogue

Lagonda 1962

wb: 9ft. 6in.
(289 cm)
6 cyl.
3995 cc
236 bhp
Rapide Saloon 4-dr - new model

Great Britain

Announced at the Paris Motor Show in the summer of 1961, this sophisticated four-door, automatic saloon was the result of a design and development programme which started when Lagonda's only available models in 1958 (3-litre saloon and Coupé) were discontinued. Powered by an enlarged version of the Aston Martin DB4's six-cylinder engine, the new car featured a UK-built body styled by Superleggera of Italy. Price £4,951.03 incl. PT.
LAUNCHED at Earls Court last year, this luxury express has many distinctive features, including a De Dion rear axle and in-the-wings fuel tank location. The former keeps unsprung weight down and resists cornering roll, the latter obviates tank encroachment on luggage boot space. Body construction follows the Superleggera system made famous by Touring of Milan, in which the light alloy panels are directly attached to a network of small-diameter tubes, these being welded to the chassis. Cost-no-object touches include standardisation of radio with electrically controlled aerial, full automatic transmission, and six exhaust silencers. Press-button window operation, too. Derived from the Aston Martin engine, the Rapide's power unit, with a capacity of practically four litres, is the biggest currently available in a David Brown product. In sheer power, but not in torque, it gives something away to its more highly tuned Aston brethren.
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