Classic Car Catalogue

Wimille 1947

wb: 2450 mm
R4 cyl.
1911 cm³
56 ch
– protoype


This unique car was designed and built by Jean Pierre Wimille, one of France's foremost racing drivers and is one of the most unusual designs to appear since the war.
Extremely low in appearance, the Wimille, with its large curved windshield and curved-sectioned doors, shows a refreshing disregard for conventional design. By placing the engine in the rear, a low center of gravity is obtained as well as allowing the driver and passengers to be placed well forward in the car for better riding comfort. Luggage space is provided for in the streamlined nose of the car.
Unusual, also, is the interior plan of this model. With the driver's seat located in the center, the extra-passenger seats are placed on either side of this, slightly to the rear. Placed in this position the driver can enjoy excellent forward visibility as well as complete freedom of movement at all times.
While the Wimille is not yet in production, it is said that it will be available with a choice of three power plants which will produce economical, high-speed, or road-racing performance.

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