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Jensen 1971

Interceptor Mk II 105 in. (267 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 305 bhp – discontinued
FF Mk II 109 in. (277 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 305 bhp – discontinued
Interceptor Mk III 105 in. (267 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 305 bhp – new model
FF Mk III 109 in. (277 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 305 bhp – new model
Interceptor SP 105 in. (267 cm) V8 cyl, 7212 cc, 330 bhp – new model

Great Britain

Łącznie wyprodukowano 318 szt FF, do 1971.

The Mark III, introduced in 1971 has revised the front grille, headlamp finishers and bumper treatment again, GKN alloy wheels and air conditioning as standard, and revised seats. The 6.3 litre 383ci engine is replaced by the 7.2 litre.

Interceptor III: £6,127 (incl. P.T.)
FF III: £8,008 (incl. P.T.)
Distinctive new alloy cast wheels and re-styled headlamp surrounds identify the Mark III versions of the two connoisseurs' cars from West Bromwich–the Jensen Interceptor with its conventional layout and the FF with its Ferguson four-wheel-drive system and Maxaret anti-skid brakes. There are lots of interior changes too including new style leather trimming, re-positioned switches and new seatbelts with a warning system if you forget to fit them. Ventilated disc brakes are the main item in the mechanical changes, and the 6.3 litre Chrysler V8 engine still provides the driving force.
JENSEN SP £6,977 (incl. P.T.)
In case you want more luxury and performance than the Interceptor offers, there is a superb new Jensen called the SP with just about everything you could want in a motor car. The engine is an even bigger 7212 c.c. Chrysler V8, which provides searing acceleration or docile pottering and the equipment ranges from full air conditioning and eight-track stereo tape with four speakers to door courtesy lights that switch themselves off a little while after you close the door. Nearly everything that moves is electrically operated and a vinyl roof in black or tan will let neighbours know it's an SP.

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Interceptor Mk III