Classic Car Catalogue

  Jensen 1966

Great Britain

C-V8 Mk III wb; 105 in. (267 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 330 bhp – discontiniued
Interceptor wb: 105 in. (267 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 330 bhp – new model
FF wb: 109 in. (277 cm) V8 cyl, 6276 cc, 330 bhp – new model



FF ma nadwozie stylizowane przez Vignale. Niezwykłe jest zastosowanie napędu na cztery koła i układu zapobiegającego blokowaniu kół przy gwałtownym hamowaniu. Z powodu zastosowania skomplikowanego układu napędowego, nadwozie jest o 10 cm dłuższe od Interceptora i wyróżnia się dużymi wlotami powietrza na przednich błotnikach. Silnik pochodzi z amerykańskiego Chryslera.

With the phase-out of the Austin-Healey, Jensen decided to attempt a volume produced soprts car of their own, and again went to Chrysler for power. The name Interceptor was revived for a lightweight prototype designed to sell for considerably less than the C-V8. However, Jensen had come under financial control of the Norcros Group in the late 1950s, and the Norcros interests felt that an Italian design on a C-V8 chassis was a better proposition, and had a prototype built by Vignale. This initiative deepened a rift within the company, and Alan and Richard Jensen resigned. The new C-V8 based, Italian-styled Interceptor entered production in September. An FF model was made ready at about the same time.

FROM prototype convertible to production Coupé the Interceptor has changed considerably; bigger engine, revised body lines, automatic transmission instead of manual gearbox, normal rear axle instead of de Dion. Power in plenty comes from the 6.3-litre Chrysler V8 engine, the disc brakes are servo-assisted and shock absorbers are driver-controlled. With modern body lines allied to terrific performance, Jensen should reap its reward in exports.
Eight-cyl.; o.h.v.; 108;-:86 mm.; 6,276 c.c.; 330 b.h.p.; £3,043 + £699 p.t. = £3,742

GONE is the barnacle-encrusted styling of the past. Jensen's revolutionary four-wheel-drive FFnow has uncluttered lines to match its advanced technical conception and bodies are in steel instead of glass fibre. Inherent safety of the Ferguson four-wheel-drive system is matched by the Maxaret braking control to give maximum stopping power on slippery roads without fear of locking wheels and skidding.
Eight-cyl.; o.h.v.; 108x86 mm.; 6,276 c.c.; 330 b.h.p.; £4,343 + £496 p.t.= £5,339




Interceptor - prototype