Classic Car Catalogue

  Jensen 1962

Great Britain

541-S Coupé wb: 8 ft. 9 in. R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 135 bhp  
C-V8 Coupé wb: 8 ft. 9 in. V8 cyl, 5916 cc, 305 bhp – London



Nowy model napędzany jest widlastym, ośmiocylindrowym silnikiem Chryslera.

New body design from 1963 with quad headlamps and two piece air intake, and slightly notch back styling, 6.5" longer than old model. New chassis also, and engine is 305 bhp Chrysler 5.9 litre V8, giving 133 mph top speed, Torqueflite auto.


Jensen C- V8
V-8 cyl.; 5,916 cc.; wheelbase: 8ft 9in.; £3,860.12.9 incl. PT.
AFTER using B.M.C.'s biggest 6-cylinder engine exclusively for many years, Jensen break fresh ground with an intriguing new Grand Touring saloon powered by a 6-litre Chrysler V8. Generally similar in construction to the 541-S, whose production continues, the debutante C-V8 model's body material is resin-bonded glass-fibre. Torqueflite 3-speed automatic transmission is standardised. Use of such a large engine in a compact car of relatively low weight promises a tremendous performance. Makers' claims include a maximum speed exceeding 140 m.p.h., a standing quarter-mile in 16.1 seconds. and zero-100 m.p.h.-zero in less than 25 secs. Contributing to the latter figure are servo-assisted Dunlop disc brakes on all wheels. Standard equipment includes front-seat safety belts, full heating and ventilating tackle, radio, a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and provision for switch-controlling the petrol filler-ran from the facia. The chassis is tubular, suspension being by coils and wishbones in front, semi-elliptic springs at the rear. Rack and pinion steering is used. The C-V8 is 6 ½ in. longer than the 541-S, fractionally wider and higher, the same as regards wheelbase and track, one hundred weight heavier.

(London report, October '62)