Classic Car Catalogue

  Jensen 1956

Great Britain

Interceptor Coupé
wb: 9ft. 4½in.
(285 cm)
R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 130 bhp
541 Coupé wb: 8ft. 9in.
(267 cm)
R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 130 bhp




MODEL 541: U.K. basic price: £1,435 (total incl. P.T. £2,153 17s).
INTERCEPTOR: U.K. basic price: £1,800 (total incl. P.T., £2,701 7s).

From 1956 compression ratio increased boosting power to 150 bhp and top speed to 115mph, also gets wire wheels as standard and all round disc brakes.

Outstanding in that it is one of the few cars in current production to have its full four-seater bodywork built entirely of glass fibre reinforced resin, the 541 is one of Britain's most striking cars. The sound body shape keeps wind noise at a low level, and the car is at its best on the long, straight roads of the Continent where its high cruising speed can best be used. This year, in addition to the standard 541 which continues unchanged, there is to be a de luxe version which should be one of the Show's more interesting models.
Less sporting in appearance, though still with an above-average performance, the larger saloon Interceptor is to be shown virtually unchanged since last year.

(London Show review, October '56)

The new de luxe model of the Jensen 541 rotates slowly on its turntable minus its right wheels in order to display the Dunlop disc brakes at front and rear.
The Motor, October '56, London Show report.