Classic Car Catalogue

Jensen 1952

Great Britain

  Saloon 4-dr
    – discontinued
  Saloon 2-dr
wb: 9ft. 4½in. R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 130 bhp  




Fewer than 20 of the PW (for postwar) models seem to have been built between 1946 and 1952.
Jensen-supplied bodies for a smaller sibling Austin A40 Sports.
Discussions with Leonard Lord of Austin led to the building of a proposed new sports car based on Austin mechanicals. The Jensen car was not ready for the 1952 Earls Court event, and instead Donald Healey's Hundred stole the show. Jensen however, were well-placed to manufacture the bodies for this new Austin-Healey, when coachbuilders Tickfords were found to have insufficient capacity.



Jensen Interceptor Saloon is a hardtop version of the Interceptor Cabriolet with fabric covered roof and fixed quarter windows. The Saloon have extra leg room because the rear seat is located farther back than on the Cabriolet which had to accommodate the hood (top) recess.