Classic Car Catalogue

Jawa 1937

700 2cyl., 2 stroke, 689 cm³, 20 k.s. - discontinued
Minor 2cyl., 2 stroke, 615 cm³, 20 k.s. - new model




  wb: 2cyl.
2 stroke
689 cm³
20 k.s.
  2700 mm  






Rudolf Vykoukal who came from Praga, designed a car with an engine behind the front axle, which later came into production as the Jawa Minor, being introduced in autumn 1937. Jawa Minor has a backbone frame of square section with swinging axles, and a 2-stroke 2-cylinder 615cc 20bhp water cooled engine. The bodies (2- and 4-seater cabriolets, roadsters and sedans are built at the Kvasiny Works again, and the cars are completed in Tynec.

Jawa Minor cabriolet

Minor roadster at Prague Motor Show.