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Jaguar 1972

XJ12 - new model in July
E-Type s.3

Great Britain

XJ 12 jest to nowy model napędzany 269-konnym silnikiem V 12 o pojemności 5343 cm³. Jest on ściśle spokrewniony z XJ 6.

JAGUAR XJ 12 £3,726
Unique in the world; a luxurious four-door saloon with the super smoothness of a twelve-cylinder engine that rockets it from rest to 100 m.p.h. in 20 seconds. A new grille with vertical slats distinguishes it from the XJ6. Ventilated front brake discs cope with the extra performance and automatic transmission is standard. Full equipment, includes a tiny electric fan to cool the battery. Only Jaguar could do it at the price.
JAGUAR E V12 £3,367 The smooth surge of twelve-cylinder power gives new charm and still faster acceleration to Jaguar's classic sports car. It now rushes from 0 to 100 m.p.h. in under 16 seconds. Ventilated front disc brakes and anti-dive suspension guarantee safe, swift stops. Power steering and a limited-slip differential are added and new fresh air ducts improve the ventilation. Coupé and convertible bodies are offered.

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XJ6 and XJ12

XJ6 2.8 Litre (R6 cyl, 2 ohc, 2792 cc, 140 bhp)
XJ6 4.2 Litre (R6 cyl, 2 ohc, 4235 cc, 173 bhp)
XJ12 (V12 cyl, 5343 cc, 265 bhp) - new model
 Saloon (wb: 9' 1'')

Jaguar XJ 12

XJ 6 in the USA



E-Type 4.2 s.3 (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 4235 cc, 171 bhp)
E-Type V12 s.3 (V12 cyl, 4 ohc, 5343 cc, 272 bhp)
 Roadster (wb: 8' 9'')
 2+2 Coupé (wb: 8' 9'')