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Invicta 1948

Great Britain

Black Prince (6 cyl, 2998 cm³,) 

Black Prince


Invicta Black Prince Byfleet Drophead Coupé is priced at £3890. It superseded the Wentworth Saloon which is still available to special order, but which was produced mainly in 1947. Both are made only in small numbers and have many unconventional design features such as a Brockhouse Turbo Torque Converter transmission giving infinitely variable gear ratios (plus epicyclic reversing gear), X-form frame with torsion bar independent springing front and rear, inboard rear brakes, etc. The 2998-cc 120-bhp six-cylinder engine embodied a 24-volt dynamotor, coupled direct to the front end of the crankshaft. The power unit is based on a Meadows industrial engine and have twin overhead camshafts, non-adjustable valves and three SU carburettors. The coachwork is made by Jensen of West Bromwich