Classic Car Catalogue

International 1947


K-1 – discontinued
KB-1 – new model

International KB-1 Pickup 40th Anniversary


The first K was introduced in 1941. In total there were 42 models, 142 different wheelbase lengths and load ratings ranging from ½ ton to 90,000 lbs. They were best known for their durability, and low price. The followup to the K, the KB, was introduced this year, with the characteristic difference being a widened lower grill appearing like "wings",, a wrap-around chrome piece on the front hood, a hood ornament and chrome lettering indicating the model designation below the International nameplate on each side of the hood.

YES – this year we come to the 40th Birthday of International Trucks – and this year International Harvester announces a great line of rugged NEW trucks he KB lnternationals. You've heard it said that "Life Begins at Forty!" When you see and drive one of these beautiful new models you'll know it's 100% true about the ever-renewed trucks with the famous triple-diamond emblem. These new Internationals are products of advanced design and engineering. Note the handsome lines of the two popular units shown here-the KB-1 and the KB-5. Under the hood and body are of improvements that make up the biggest value in 40 years of International Truck history. Full range of sizes – from the sturdy pick-up to he heavy-duty hauler of 35,100 pounds gross vehicle weight rating. You'll find the new 40th Anniversary Internationals are very much worth waiting for! See your International Dealer – he'll do his level best to get early delivery for you. And count on our truck factories to do their best to supply your dealer.