Classic Car Catalogue

Innocenti 1967

Mini Minor / Cooper          
A 40 S Combinata – end of production (27.381 were made)        
I 4 / I 4 S          
IM 3          
S Spyder          
C Coupé –new version of Spyder        


Over the course of just a few years, Innocenti, formerly known as the Lambretta scooter, has become one evolving car factory. Several slightly modified BMC Mini and 1100 models are produced for the Italian market under license, as well as the Austin A40. Company's own model is a small coupe with OSI body and the mechanics of the Austin Sprite.
Production of the A40 ended in February. Total of 67.706 were built since 1960.





Mini T


A 40







I 4

IM 3





C Coupé