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Imperia 1951



In January 1951, at the Motor show in Brussels, stand 103 in the Palais 5 one could see the Vanguards.
The normal Vanguard was shown, as well as the new cabriolet "Nessonvaux" a special Belgium construction, approved by the Standard Motor Company. At this motor show the main aim was to show the overdrive Laycock de Normanville, imported from England, with hydraulic function, activated manually or electric.
In all of the cabriolets, the overdrive was standard. The cabriolet is built on the Vanguard chassis with a 4 cylinder engine of 2088 cc with 69 horse powers at 4200 rev. with a three speed gear box plus overdrive, single disc dry clutch. Transmission is by prop shaft on the rear wheels. The rear axle is semi independent. The weight is 1244 kg and need 12 litres of petrol per 100 km. There are three models:
Normal: inside artificial leather and the roof only one layer;
De Luxe: inside real leather and the roof double layers;
Grand Luxe: like the luxe but with everything in chrome.