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Imperia 1930

6CV (11-25 HP) 1096cc (from 1924)
10CV (17-50 HP)


Sport 6-cyl.

In 1927 a six cylinder 1624 cc appeared; this year it become available in three-carburettor Super Sports form.

Imperia Excelsior



24 Hours of Francorchamps, 1930, Imperia won the King's Cup with three six-cylinder sedans.
At Francorchamps GP of the same year, SA des Automobiles Imperia Exelsior puts six cylinders, six carburetors, race cars capable of 160 km/h.

Grandes Épreuves entries:
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
20.07.1930Belgian Grand Prix 3 3 2 1 1.8 S-6 Goffredo Zehender 5th
          2 1.8 S-6 Jérôme Ledure 7th
          3 1.8 S-6 Michel Doré fail.

Francorchamps GP

SS 6 cyl at GP Brno.

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
06.07.1930 24h Spa 3 3 3 28   Thelusson / Ledure 17th 1.5-2.0 4th
          29   Dierickx / Lambert 18th 1.5-2.0 5th
          30   Fauconnier / Claessens 19th 1.5-2.0 6th

24 Hours of Francorchamps

Motor Sport, August 1930
24h Spa
The team of three Imperias were behaving as if they had hardly realised that this was a race as opposed to a highspeed reliability trial. As a matter of fact, these cars, which had 1,800 c.c. 6-cylinder slide-valve engines and comfortable 4-seater saloon bodies, had been picked at random from the showroom by a representative of the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium, and were sealed and entered in the race without any alteration whatever. They travelled round the course in close company and even stopped together to fill up. All three went through without a single vestige of trouble, and they provided a remarkable demonstration of reliability.