Classic Car Catalogue

Humber 1973

Sceptre Mk III (R4 cyl, 1725 cc, 88 bhp)

Great Britain

The luxury product of Chrysler UK becomes even more luxurious for 1974, with a heated rear window and push-button radio added to the mass of equipment included in the standard specification. The seats have new cloth inserts for maximum comfort in all temperatures, and there is a new steering wheel. The 1725 c.c. twin-carburettor engine has gained a power-boost by the fitting of a viscous-coupling cooling fan. Power-output is up to 82 bh.p. (DIN) from 79 b.h.p., and the 0-60 m.p.h. acceleration time is now under 12 seconds. A longer-life exhaust system is also fitted.
(London report)