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Humber 1961

Hawk Series II
Super Snipe Series III

Great Britain

Humber Hawk Series II superseded the Series IA in the summer of 1960 and feature front disc brakes as standard, increased interior space, improved suspension, gearbox and instrumentation. Available in saloon and touring limousine versions.
Humber Super Snipe Series III replaced the Series II in October 1960 and distinguishable by twin headlamps, full width grille of horizontal bars, single side strips, modified front seat squab to give increased leg room for rear seat passengers. Feature power-assisted steering and front disc brakes.



Series II (4 cyl, 2267 cc, 73 bhp, wb: 9' 2'')
 Estate Car


Super Snipe

Series III (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 121 bhp; wb: 9' 2'')
 Estate Car

A magnificent new car for new luxury travel
Once again, Humber has raised the Standard of high-performance, luxury motoring. The New Humber Super Snipe now embodies new developments in car design that combine to give even finer styling, more comfort, increased driving pleasure and greater safety. Advanced new features include new front end styling, with twin headlights for better road illumination and night safety, re-designed seats with more headroom in the front and more legroom in the rear, a perfected system of road-holding and suspension, and a more efficient ventilation system. There are also many agreeable refinements such as centre armrests for optional individual front seats. The New Humber Super Snipe is certainly the most progressive car in itsits class today.
Available with Fully-Automatic Transmission, and Power-assisted Steering.