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Humber 1960

Hawk Series I / II
Super Snipe Series II - discontinued
Super Snipe Series III - October

Great Britain

October '59

With a re-styled front, the Humber Super Snipe became the first British car to have four headlamps. Less visible but important changes: improved engine lubrication, better synchromesh, redesigned seating to increase rear space, stiffer front springs and wider rear springs. The Humber Hawk, like the Snipe now has disc front brakes.
Londin report

Humber Hawk is continued and with Series IA specification (from October 1959). It is distinguishable by means of full length body side-flashes and a band of horizontal pleating on the door trim. Gearbox modifications result in closer gear ratios. The Hawk, which was first introduced in 1957, is available in saloon, touring limousine and estate car versions and is powered by a four-cylinder, 2267-cc, ohv engine which developed 73 bhp at 4400 rpm.
Humber Super Snipe was introduced in Series II form in October 1959. Modifications include a larger engine (2965 cc), front disc brakes and body changes featuring tapered side flashes, name over grille and five horizontal bar grille styling. The six-cylinder, ohv, power unit develop 121 bhp at 4800 rpm. Available as a saloon, touring limousine and estate car. Hawk Series II superseded Series Ia in the summer 1960. It gets better gearbox, servo front discs but looses auto option except for export.
Super Snipe Series III from October 1960 gets twin headlamps.



Series IA / II (4 cyl, 2267 cc, 73 bhp, wb: 9' 2'')
 Estate Car

The classic beauty and supreme comfort of the New Humber Hawk commands admiration. For here is a Standard of motoring quality unrivalled in its class... a luxury car built by craftsmen in the fine traditions for which Humber is universally famous.
The spacious interior is beautifully appointed and provides more than ample room for SIX persons. Richly upholstered seating has been specially designed to afford perfect travel comfort . . . really invites you to stretch out and relax.
At the wheel you will revel in the excellent performance of the New Humber Hawk. lts eager, spirited acceleration and its remarkable ease of handling clearly reflect the engineering skill which has brilliantly blended so many advanced technical features to achieve smooth, surging power coupled with reliability and economy.
For safer travel and easier parking, fully wrapped-round sereens front and rear increase your range of vision, while other assurances of safety include a low centre of gravity, positive steering, powerful brakes and the well proved, all-steel unitary construction.
Here is your opportunity to drive and own a car of style and elegance - most advanced in design and most distinguished in appearance.
Low swept lines shape a new discriminating elegance . . . New, luxurious comfort complements your driving pleasure.
Fully-Automatic Transmission or Overdrive are available as extras.

A Limousine for Businesss or Leisure
The luxury interior of the Humberr Hawk Limousine is specially designed for business or leisure. For those who prefer the quiet, confidential amenity of a chauffeur-driven car, the glass screenn can be quickly raised and fixed in position. With the screen lowered, it becomes an owner-driver saloon. The entire dividing partition can be adjusted to vary legroom available to driver and passengers. The glass screen can be locked in any position.

Humber Hawk s.II

Hawk s.II


Super Snipe series II

Series II (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 121 bhp; wb: 9' 2'') - end
 Estate Car

Super Snipe series II

Humber Super Snipe s.II

Super Snipe S.II Estate Car


Super Snipe series III

Series III (6 cyl, 2965 cc, 121 bhp; wb: 9' 2'') - October
 Estate Car

Super Snipe series III

Super Snipe series III Estate Car