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Humber 1945

Super Snipe
Pullman - August

Great Britain

Post war Humbers are 1938 models re introduced, all basically up market Hillman 14 variants. Hawk gets 56 bhp 1944cc side valve four cylinder engine, and 65 mph top speed. Snipe gets 65bhp 2731cc side valve six, and 72 mph. Both have six light four door bodies with sliding sun roofs. Super Snipe has 100bhp 4086cc side valve six and 80+ mph top speed. Pullman is long wheel base limousine version of Super Snipe.



4 cyl, 1944 cc, 56 bhp


Snipe and Super Snipe

Snipe (6 cyl, 2731 cc, 65 bhp)
Super Snipe (6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)

Super Snipe

Humber Super Snipe Tourer, showing HM The Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in King's Park, Edinburgh, in July 1946. The occasion was the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Branch of the British Legion.



6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp