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Hudson 1953


Super Wasp
Jet – new model
Italia – prototype


 2 Door Brougham Convertible
 2 Door Club Coupé
 2 Door Hollywood Hardtop Coupé
 4 Door Sedan
 Wasp 2 Door Brougham Convertible
 Wasp 2 Door Club Coupé
 Wasp 2 Door Hollywood Hardtop Coupé
 Wasp 2 Door Sedan
 Wasp 4 Door Sedan
 2 Door Brougham Convertible
 2 Door Club Coupé
 2 Door Hollywood Hardtop Coupé
 2 Door Sedan
 4 Door Sedan
 4 Door Sedan
 2 Door Coupé Sedan




Hornet Club Coupe


Hornet Convertible Brougham

Hornet Sedan


Super Wasp


Super Wasp Hollywood










The Hudson Italia was announced in August. An impressive coupé designed in house by Frank Spring sports large, oval grille with V-shaped bumper to acommodate Hudson logo. Air vents above headlights provides cooling for front brakes. Air intakes at the bottom of the windscreen and discharge nozzles at the top of the rear window offers natural air conditioning of the interior allowing complete air change every ten minutes. Most unusual feature are the pipes placed at the end of rear wings, imitating the exhaust but housing rear lights.
The car is built on a Hudson Jet chassis with six cylinder, side-valve engine developing a modest 114 bhp and three-speed gearbox.
The chassis are shipped to Italy where bodies are built of aluminium by Touring of Milan. Finished in Italian Cream with cream and red leather upholstery with Borani steering wheel the first car arrived at New York docks in December.



Hudson Italia - prototyp z nadwoziem budowanym przez Touring.


World Sportscar Championship entries:
   Carrera Panamericana 23.11.1953 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class  
204 Jet   Fonseca / Juarez Chapultepec 41st TS 8th  
225 Jet   Paredes / Herrastri Paredes 42nd TS 9th  
235 Jet   Eckart / Hamplemann Eckart 38th TS 5th