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Hudson 1948


 2 Door Brougham Convertible  
 2 Door Club Coupé  
 4 Door Sedan  
 2 Door Brougham Convertible
 2 Door Brougham Coupé  
 2 Door Brougham Sedan  
 2 Door Club Coupé
 4 Door Sedan

Six sedan

MOST PEOPLE are aware that a low-built motor car opens up opportunities for beautiful, long sweeping body lines. Most people are also aware of the fact that a truly low center of gravity provides an ability to "hug" the road under all conditions.
So you've seen cars with floors slanted, tops lowered until inside headroom and comfort threaten to become only fond memories ... and with all this. a truly low center of gravity has seldom been achieved.
But now ... Hudson designers and engineers, without. compromise or face-lifting, meet the challenge of the low-built car with an entirely new kind of automobile!
Here is a motor car that harmonizes low, sweeping exterior lines, with a roomy comfortable interior; a car with a new, lower center of gravity, a car only five feet from ground to top, yet a car with more than enough inside headroom for the tallest person, a car that maintains road clearance!
The new Hudson with its all-steel Monobilt body-and-frame is a car you step down into when entering, not up on. As shown in the cut-away view below. you ride not on top of a frame, but cradled inside of and completely encircled by heavy box-steel girders. And for even softer going, you also ride not only between axles, but completely ahead of the rear wheels!
The new Hudson is truly tomorrow's motor car today!


This improved Hudson Super-Eight engine is the answer for people who want action and power to spare, coupled with smooth performance. You'll get a thrill out of the way this great Super-Eight performs!
If you've ever longed for a six that can "show its heels" to any other six on the road – and to many eights, too! - here's your engine. This 121 h.p. new engine is the greatest Super-Six of them all – will out-perform. anything of its kind!

Here's the easiest of all ways to drive ... no clutch pushing, no gear shifting in forward speeds. You simply accelerate as long and as fast as you like in Hudson's silent pick-up gear, then lift your toe from the accelerator ever so slightly. and you're in high.
You change gears when you're ready ... you're in command at all times, but Hudson Drive-Master does all the work!
When you want to stop, just use your brake pedal and yon stop ... there's no creeping! While the car is stopping. Drive-Master shifts down to pick-up gear automatically.
Your choice – three ways to drive. Hudson Drive-Master is equipped with instrument-panel control. You can have full Drive-Master super driving, or yon can turn the control left for:
Vacumotive Drive – for manual shifting without clutch pushing. You shift gears effortlessly with Handy Shift at steering wheel; clutch is operated automatically. If you or some other member of your family prefer:
Conventional Drive – manual clutch and hand-shift driving – you simply turn instrument panel control button to center "Off" position, and car is ready for conventional driving.
With Drive-Master, which is exclusive with 'Hudson, you can "eat your cake and have it, too!"