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Honda 1976

Accord – new model    




    4 cyl. ohc
1170 cc
50 bhp


There are several versions of the Civic, the 1200 with two or three doors and the four-door 1500 on a longer wheelbase. Engines are in light alloy with belt driven overhead camshafts mounted transversely and driving the front wheels. Comprehensive equipment includes reclining front seats, reversing lights; lockable fuel filler, tachometer and radio. An interesting option is the smooth-acting Hondamatic two-speed automatic transmission.

London Show review

American advert. November 1976.



    4 cyl. ohc
1599 cc
80 bhp


HONDA ACCORD £2,500 approx.
Latest model from Honda is this front-drive 3-door four-seater coupe with lines recalling those of the VW Scirocco. The 1,600 80 b.h.p. engine is an extrapolation of the Civic unit but with a longer stroke. Transmission can be manual with four or five speed or Hondamatic 2-speed automatic. Honda supply their engines with the CVCC stratified charge cylinder heads for markets where pollution limits are very tight.

London Show review


TN 360

wb: 1780 mm 2-cyl. ohc
354 cm³
27 hp