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Honda 1975





  wb: 4 cyl.
1169 cm³
60 bhp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1488 cm³
73 bhp (SAE)
2-dr   1200  
3-dr   1200  
5-dr 2280 mm   1500


Two versions of the Civic cater for a variety of needs; a normal two-door or a three-door with lift-up tailgate and fold-down rear backrest. The overhead camshaft engine is mounted crosswise, driving the front wheels through the minimum of gears. It runs on two-star fuel. Transmission is four-speed manual or Hondamatic, with a torque converter and manually operated two-speed gearbox.
Long-wheelbase edition of the front-drive Civic has 1488 cc engine and four doors. With its compact dimensions its name is very appropriate, yet there is room for four, or five at a squeeze. The overhead camshaft engine is mounted transversely at the front, and there is a fourspeed manual gearbox as standard, with a fully-automatic as optional equipment. The 1500 has radio and heated rear window as standard. A sealed water cooling system makes refilling unnecessary.

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Honda 1500

Honda 1200

Honda 1500 at Brusseles Motor Show.