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Honda 1972

N 360 – discontinued  
N 600    
Z 360 / Z 600    
N 1300    
145 – new model in October  
Civic – new model in July  



N 360 and N 600

  wb: 1996 mm 2 cyl. ohc
360 cc
31 bhp
2 cyl. ohc
599 cc
45 bhp
    N360 N600    


The lower-powered N 600 engine arrived in 1972 for the US market; with milder cams and lowered compression it gave up some peak power and torque, while allowing for a less peaky delivery and higher drivability.
Almost immediately following the launch the N360 became the best selling Kei mini car of Japan. The N-Series boosted Honda car production to over 200.000 units a year. Finally 1.165.144 units of the N-Series were produced in only five years!



wb: 2000 mm 2 cyl.
598 cm³
36 PS (SAE)
2 cyl.
356 cm³
31 PS (SAE)
2 cyl.
356 cm³
36 PS (SAE)
Coupé 2-dr Z 600 Z 360 Z 360


Facelift in November.

HONDA Z £755
Amazingly economical little car from Japan with rear window like a television screen and a fold-flat rear seat for extra luggage space. Its light alloy o.h.c. vertical twin engine will take it over Britain's 70 m.p.h. limit and return around 50 m.p.g. Air cooling eliminates freezing problems. Spare wheel and tools fit into a locker hidden by the rear bumper. Front seats recline; headrests are optional.

London Show review

Japanese market.

US market.



wb: 2080 mm 2 cyl. sohc
356 cm³
30 hp
2 cyl. sohc
356 cm³
36 hp
Sedan 2-dr    
Sedan 4-dr    
Step Van    


Life Step Van

May: a sporty engine with twin constant velocity carburettors was added, for the new "Touring" range. The all two-door lineup consists of the SS, SL, and the GS on top. Power is up to 36 PS at 9,000 rpm, and the top-of-the-line GS received a dogleg five-speed gearbox to take full advantage of the peakier engine. The Touring GS can reach a top speed of 120 km/h.
June: a minor facelift with redesigned grilles.
September: four-door versions of the Touring range appeared. Production of the lower-powered "Town" engine also came to an end during 1972.
September: the Life Step Van was launched, the packaging of which embodies the tall wagon style so popular for current keis.


N 1300



9 Coupé (Australia)





HONDA 1200 £950-1,000 APPROX.
After unsuccessful experiments with high revving air-cooled engines, Honda comes into line with water cooling and lower revs on a new car that challenges the Fiat 127 or Renault 5. Available in two-door or three-door versions, it has transverse engine, front wheel drive and strut-type suspension all round. The engine has belt-driven overhead camshaft, dry cylinder liners and closed-circuit cooling with electric fan.

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wb: 1780 mm 2 cyl.
354 cm³
31 PS (SAE)