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Hillman 1973


Great Britain



875 cc, 39 bhp (DIN); wb: 6' 10''

From £714
Chrysler UK's Scottish-built rear-engined saloon with lightalloy overhead camshaft engine has detail changes for 1974 which include the fitting of the cylinder head previously used in the twin-carburettor Sunbeam Sport motor. The neat two-door car with all-independent suspension now has a heater blower, simulated wood fascia, door pockets, radial tyres, and there are seven new body colours. The engine has an improved distributor, and exhaust emissions have been reduced. The useful opening rear window assists with easy loading to the 16.5 cubic feet of space, with the rear seat folded.

The Imp. So much for so little needs looking into.
    If you think a small price necessarily means a small car, you don't know the Imp.
    The only time it looks small is when it's easing its way into an impossible parking space.
    Inside though, we've thought very big indeed.
    So you've got 4 man-sized seats, with plenty of space all round. And on all the saloons the back seats fold flat and the rear window opens to give estate roominess and accessibility. (If elegance and luxury are more your style, you'll find both in the Sport and Stiletto.)
    Now let's get down to the mechanics of it all.
    The engine is aluminium and - rare on a car this size - has an overhead cam. This, and road-hugging independent suspension all round, goes a long way to explaining why the lmp has done so well in world-wide competition. And it's prowed itself by winning the British Saloon Car Championship. Beating everything from Mustangs to Minis while it was about it.
    Put it all together and you've got a car that's capable of 80 mph yet gives up to 45 mpg.
    The Imps. From Chrysler United Kingdom. Chrysler, backing you with what is probably the best dealer service in the country.
    And a unique 12 months' unlimited mileage warranty.
    Drop in at your nearest Chrysler United Kingdom dealer for a test drive in an Imp soon.
    Like we say, it's well worth looking into.
    Hillman Imp £672
    Hillman Imp de Luxe £725
    Hillman Super Imp £769
    Sunbeam Stiletto £942



Avenger (1248/1498 cc) - end
 Saloon 4-dr
Avenger GT (1498 cc) - end
Avenger GLS (1498 cc) - end
Avenger (1295/1599 cc) - new
 Saloon 2-dr - new
 Saloon 4-dr
Avenger GT (1295/1599 cc) - new
 Saloon 2-dr
Avenger GLS (1599 cc) - new
 Saloon 4-dr
Avenger Tiger II (1498 cc) - end

Avenger 1250
Avenger 1250 TC
Avenger 1500 TC

Prices to be announced
Good news for 1974 Avenger buyers is the enlargement of the two basic engines from 1250 and 1500 c.c. to 1300 and 1600 c.c., with obvious advantages in power and torque. The new engines come in single and twin carburettor form, the top GLS uses the 1600 twin-carburettor engine as standard equipment, whereas the brand-new two-door GL has the 1300 single-carburettor motor with the 1600 as an optional extra. The nippy two-door Avenger GT is available with either 1300 or 1600 twin-carburettor unit. All 1974 Avengers have heated rear windows and radial-ply tyres.

Prices to be announced
Most luxurious Avenger in the popular Hillman range from Chrysler U.K. is designated GLS and has the new 1600 81 (DIN) b.h.p. engine. It will approach 100 m.p.h., and comes as a fourdoor saloon only. Cloth upholstery, thick carpets, vinyl roof, power brakes and radial tyres are standard. Introduced this year, the two-door GT has a zestful performance with the same twin-carburettor 1600 engine as the GLS. The GT (illustrated) is available with the 1300 engine on option, and even with this smaller 69 b.h.p. (DIN) unit it is good for almost 95 m.p.h. on your Continental holiday!


GLS Saloon Model '74

Prices to be announced
Avenger estate cars, like the saloon models, have the new enlarged engines (1300 and 1600 c.c.), and show impressive gains in both acceleration and speed. The good-looking, roomy estates (5ft. 3in. rear floor length with seat folded), in line with the saloons, have four-speed manual gearboxes but automatic transmissions are extra. There is an ingenious seat variation for a double-bed configuration, in conjunction with the front reclining seats. Avenger estates are made in de Luxe and Super form, and are equipped as standard with heated rear windows, alternators, and radial tyres.

Avenger Tiger

1250 4-dr

Sunbeam 1250 TC

Sunbeam 1500 GT 2-dr

Sunbeam 1250 Estate

Sunbeam 1500 GLS

Sunbeam 1250 De Luxe

Sunbeam 1250 2-dr

Sunbeam 1500 GT 2-dr

Sunbeam 1500 De Luxe Estate

Sunbeam 1500 GLS



De Luxe (1494 cc, 54 bhp)
Super (1725 cc, 61 bhp)
GL (1725 cc, 72 bhp)
GT (1725 cc, 88 bhp)
GLS (1725 cc, 95 bhp)
 Saloon 4-dr (wb: 8' 2½'')
DL (1494 cc, 54 bhp)
GL (1725 cc, 72 bhp)
 Estate (wb: 8' 2½'')

From £1,089
Five Hunter Saloons with power outputs ranging from 54 to 95 b.h.p. (DIN) comprise the 1974 range. The line-up starts with the 1494 c.c. De Luxe which has a 1725 c.c. motor on option, and that is followed in the list by the Hunter Super with 1725 c.c. engine as standard. The GL has special wheel trims, wood veneer on fascia, door cappings and centre console, and the luxury seats have cloth inserts on contact areas. The engine has an aluminium cylinder head, and its 72 b.h.p. (DIN) contributes to a top speed approaching 93 m.p.h. The De-Luxe gets radial-ply tyres and a new steering wheel.

GLS: £1,444
GT: £1,255
Heated rear windows and longer-life exhaust systems are among the Hillman Hunter improvements for 1974. The luxury GLS (illustrated) with Holbay-tuned 95 b.h.p. (DIN) engine will handsomely exceed 100 m.p.h., and the 0-60 acceleration is approximately 11 seconds. Interior trim is lavish with wood veneer and woven nylon cloth seats. The Hunter GT has an 82 b.h.p. twin-carburettor motor, and is capable of almost 100 m.p.h. The GLS and GT are now equipped with viscous cooling fans to improve performance. Radial-ply tyres are standard.

From £1.250
Chrysler UK's Hunter Estates for 1974, as well as the GL, Super, and de Luxe saloons, are available with the brand-new four-speed Borg-Warner 45 automatic transmission. This new automatic features great sensitivity and over-ride capability on all gears. It will prove popular with the sport-orientated driver. There are two versions of the Hunter Estate-the GL with 1725 c.c. 72 b.h.p. engine, and luxury trim, and the 1500 c.c. DL (de Luxe) with less lavish equipment. Brake servos are fitted to both these roomy vehicles, as are heated rear windows and long-life exhausts.