Classic Car Catalogue

Hillman 1968

Imp - facelift in October
Hunter Mk II
New Minx
Estate Car
Husky - facelift in October

Great Britain

The Rootes group launched its answer to the BMC Mini in 1963, the rear engined Hillman Imp. The Imp was quickly "badge engineered" into Singer and Sunbeam derivatives including some pretty "fastback" models. The standard car uses a two door bodyshell with a novel opening rear window/hatch. All Imp's are built in a brand new factory built in Glasgow with government grants.
The Hillman badged Coupé model is known as the Imp Californian, Hillman once again resurrecting a model name from its past. Power for these small fastback Coupés came from a an all-alloy engine developed from a Coventry-Climax unit. Despite only having 875cc the Imp engine provide plenty of power and is matched to an equally good gearbox. The Californian, follow old Minx tradition and has Coupé roof line shared with Sunbeam Stiletto, and Singer Chamois. Rear window is fixed so rear luggage compartment not so accessible. In October Mk II designation was discontinued, whole range revised, all models except Stiletto given a new dashboard layout with full width facia and round dials; new seats and upholstery and many variations of external trim. Van is now known as Hillman Imp Van rather than Commer Imp Van.


(4 cyl, 875 cc, 37 bhp; wb: 6' 10'')
De Luxe Mk 2 Saloon - end
De Luxe - new
Super Imp Saloon - facelift
Californian Coupé - facelift

Imp De Luxe

Super Imp

Minx, Hunter and Estate Car

Hunter Mk II (4 cyl, 1725 cc; wb: 8' 2½'')
New Minx (1496 cc, 54 bhp; wb: 8' 2½'')
Estate car (4 cyl, 1496 cc, 54 bhp; wb: 8' 2½'')


Minx Estate

Hunter in Australia


(4 cyl, 875 cc, 37 bhp, wb: 6' 10'')

Now the famous dual-purpose family car - the Hillman Husky - becomes even better value than before! Take a good look at the new good-looking Hillman Husky-and you'll agree. Smart exterior, with new front-end styling. New, better, more comfortable seating inside. New, improved instrument panel and easier-to-get-at controls. New padded spoke steering wheel. Plus the same wonderfully roomy two-in-one estate/family saloon body-including the proven 875 cc engine-that has won universal acclaim.
The Husky is remarkable value for money, because it's so handy, so versatile. You can use it for so many purposes . . . and occasions.



Zwycięstwo maratonu Londyn-Sydney (Cowan, Coyle, Malkin) w modelu Hunter.