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Hillman 1956

Minx Phase VIIIb - discontinued
Minx Series I - May

Great Britain

Hillman Minx Phase VIIIA De Luxe Saloon with new 'Gay Look' two-tone finish, body chrome strip and full-width tapered fairing housing the rear number plate. Convertible, Californian and Estate Car versions are also available with 'Gay Look' features. Both the Special Saloon and the Estate Car are now also powered by the OHV engine. Standard (single-colour) models retaines the designation Mark VIII.
From early 1956 the Husky is also available as a 7-cwt panel van, named Commer Cob.
Hillman Minx Series I models were introduced in the spring of 1956 and feature new body styling - raised wing line, sloping bonnet and wrapround rear window-a longer and narrower radiator grille and a modified instrument panel and improved interior. Special Saloon, De Luxe Saloon and Convertible models are available. The special hardtop "Californian" model is no longer offered.

The Husky, which is indeed the motoring maid-of-all-work, has endeared itself, both at home and abroad, in its various capacities which range from a family car to a farmer's drudge. The only product of the Rootes Group still to retain the simple side-valve Minx engine, it can be bought economically in basic form or equipped with radio, heater and white-walled tyres. It is partnered by the Hillman Minx Estate Car with 1,390 c.c. overhead-valve engine and larger, more elaborately equipped bodywork.
(London report)


Minx Phase VIII

Phase VIIIb (4 cyl, ohv, 1390 cc, 43 bhp; wb: 7' 9'')
 Saloon - end
 Convertible - end
 Coupé - end

Here's High Performance motoring with a new GAY LOOK. Smart, gay colours in all the Hillman range! Attractive two-tone colour schemes available on three models with harmonising interior upholstery! Now it's easier to choose a model with your favoured colour scheme. Now you will get more pleasure from Hillman High Performance—happy, carefree motoring with the proved power, performance and economy of the brilliant Hillman O.H.V. engine. The finest value ever!
MAKE THIS TEST. Take a Hillman O.H.V. model on the road. See how smoothly it starts, how sweetly it runs, how much more power you have in the O.H.V. engine. Accelerate and you're off in a flash! Change up or down with fingertip synchromatic control—the operation is simple, quick, quiet.
Feel how light and accurate the steering is, how easy the Hillman is to drive and park even in the smallestt space. Try the brakes. You'll like the feeling of security in the smooth, sure powerr that pulls you up evenly at any speed.
Experiencee how confidently the Hillman hugs the road, how Hillman 4-point suspension cushions your ride. Note the safety of unitary construction and protective wrap-around bumpers. Admire the spacious, luxurious interior, the stylish furnishings, the detailed comfort for every passenger—the graceful overall design and fine finish of Hillman, the smartest cars on the road.





(1265 cc, 35 bhp; wb: 7' 0'')


Minx Series I

Series I (4 cyl, 1390 cc, 48 bhp; wb: 8' 0'')
 De Luxe Saloon
 Special Saloon