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Hillman 1938

New Minx - nowy model
14 - nowy model
80 - ost rok

Great Britain

Hillman Minx 1938 models has a restyled radiator grille and full-width bumpers. Drophead Coupé is priced at £215.
Hillman Fourteen Saloon has 13.9 HP four-cylinder engine, all-synchromesh gearbox, Evenkeel independent front suspension and other refinements. Tyres are 5.75-1 6 on pressed steel wheels. Radiator grille is similar to that of the Minx. Prices £248 to £268.
Hillman 80 Seven-Seater is company's last Six. Saloon cost £375, Limousine version £395. Wheelbase is 10 ft 6 in, engine 3181-cc (75 x 120 mm) side-valve six-cylinder, same as Humber Snipe



(R4 SV, 1185 cc) - nowy model
Saloon, 4dr, 4 miejsc
Drophead Coupé, 2dr, 2 miejsc
Estate, 4dr, 5 miejsc

Minx Drophead Coupé


Saloon, 4dr, 4 miejsc




80 Seven Seater




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25-30.01.1938 Rallye Monte Carlo       5 Gatsonides / Blijdenstein   51st (->1500 16th)

Hillman Minx Saloon in the 1938 Monte Carlo Rally. It was driven by the well-known Dutch driver Maus Gatsonides who covered the route without loss of marks. The car is seen here at the Bulgaria-Yugoslavia frontier, together with another Dutch entry (1937 Ford V8 Coupé).