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Hillman 1937

Minx Magnificent (R4 SV, 1185 cc) - ost. rok
Hawk - ost. rok

Great Britain

Hillman Minx Magnificent is much like the 1936 model but incorporates various detail improvements. Externally it is recognisable by the five horizontal chrome-lated strips on the radiator grille. Body styles are: Saloon (£163; De Luxe, £175), Dropheed Coupé (£215), Tourer (£175, De Luxe £190). The Saloon can also be bought after a down-payment of £40 15s. followed by 24 monthly payments of £5 15 8d.
Six-cylinder Hillman Hawk look like scaled-up Minx or, more accurately Humber Eighteen with Hillman trimmings. Like the Humber they had Evenkeel independent front suspension. Hawk is similar to the Sixteen but has 20.92 HP 3181-cc vs. 16.95 HP 2576-cc engine. Both are side-valve Sixes. Four-door Saloon is priced at £295 (same as Sixteen Saloon).






Hawk Saloon

Sixteen Wingham Cabriolet sold at £395 and constituted 'an open tourer and a saloon in one body. being rapidly opened or shut'.






  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-30.01.1937 Rallye Monte Carlo   3 3 114 Gatsonides / Sanders   21st, ->1500 2nd

No. 114, Maurice Gatsonides and Kees Sanders, Hillman Minx, start from Umea, 21st and 2nd up to 1500 cc category.