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Hillman 1936

Minx Magnificent
16/Hawk - nowy model
80 - nowy model

Great Britain

Hillman Minx was entirely restyled but retaines the well-proven 9.8 HP 1185-cc side-valve Four engine. Buyers has the option of a folding luggage grid which cost £2 7s. 6d, painted. The Minx Saloon retaines its £159 price tag: the De Luxe model (with sun roof as shown) is reduced in price, to £175. Four-door Tourer sold at £175 or, with De Luxe trim, £190. Also available is a Foursome Coupé (convertible), at £215.
Hillman Hawk is a new model, powered by a six-cylinder 3181-cc (75x120 mm) side-valve engine, developing 75-bhp at 3400 rpm and rated at 20.92 HP. It has a 9 ft ½ in wheelbase and is available also as Sixteen with 16.95 HP 56-bhp 2576-cc (67.5x120 mm) power unit. Tyre size is 6.50-16. All six-cylinder Hillmans has Evenkeel IFS with transverse leaf spring.
Hillman 80 is generally similar to the Hawk but had 10 ft 6 in wheelbase



(R4 SV, 1185 cc) - nowy model
Saloon, 4 dr, 4 miejsc
Tourer, 2 dr, 2+2 miejsc
Drophead Coupé, 2dr, 2 miejsc
Estate, 4 dr, 5 miejsc

Minx Saloon

Minx Saloon

Minx Tourer



Cabriolet 4-dr 4-miejsc
Drophead Coupé 2-dr 2-miejsc
Saloon 4-dr 4-miejsc sports saloon type also
Tourer, 2 dr, 2+2 miejsc

Hawk Saloon

Hawk Tourer



Saloon, 4 dr, 7 miejsc
Cabriolet, 4 dr, 4 miejsc
Limousine, 4 dr, 4 miejsc
Saloon, 4 dr, 4 miejsc, sports saloon type

80 Saloon

80 Limousine




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
25.01-02.02.1936 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 1 0 89 Minx Gatsonides dnf