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Healey 1952

Great Britain

G-type 3-Litre
Nash-Healey budowany dla Nash na rynek USA – nowy model
Healey 100 – London  

Healey Tickford Saloon

Healey Tickford

Healey Abbott Drophead Coupé is a two-door soft-top version of the Tickford Saloon. From approximately November 1951 onwards it is built on an F-type chassis.

Na wystawie Earls Court w Londynie, zaprezentowano model Healey 100 na podzespołach Austina A90 Atlantic. Healey Motor Co. został przyjęty do BMC, a samochód ten będzie sprzedawany jako Austin Healey.
From 1952 Nash Healey, re-styled Pininfarina bodies and 140 bhp 4138cc engines.

Healey 3-Litre Sports Convertible (Series G) with Alvis engine and gearbox have similar body styling to the earlier Nash-Healey Sports Roadster which was made for and sold on the export market during 1950-52. Popularly known as the Alvis-Healey, it has a two/three-seater Healey-built body with full weather equipment. The 2993-cc power unit develops 106 bhp at 4200 rpm. Only 25 were built.

100 at Earls Court.


24h Le Mans 14.06.1952 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class perf.ind.
#10 Nash-Healey Johnson / Wisdom Johnson 3rd 1st - 3001-5000 7th
#11 Nash-Healey Veyron / Giraud-Cabantous   fail. - -
3rd 24h Le Mans #10 Nash-Healey Johnson / Wisdom
2nd Rudge Withworth Cup #10 Nash-Healey Johnson / Wisdom

3rd at Le Mans: Nash-Healey (Leslie Johnson / Tommy Wisdom).