Classic Car Catalogue

Healey 1946

Great Britain

Elliot Saloon
Westland Roadster




Pierwszy samochód Donalda Healeya zbudowany został na bazie 2,5 litrowego Rileya.

Launched in 1946, the Elliot two door sports saloon is one of the fastest production cars available, with a 102 mph top speed. Chassis is substantial cross braced box section, with all round coil spring suspension, independent at the front by trailing arms. Engine is 90 bhp 2443cc Riley unit, and brakes are hydraulic. Body is alloy panels on as frame and streamlined shape has distinctive diamond shaped grille and recessed headlamps. Some fitted with special bodies by Bertone, and Duncan. Westland is a soft top roadster with cut away doors and two piece windscreen.