Classic Car Catalogue

Ginetta 1961

  wb: 4 cyl.
997 cc
40 bhp
G4 6ft. 8¼in. G4  
G3 7ft. 6in. G3 – discontinued (1960-61 - approx. 60 ex.)

Great Britain


G4 has fibreglass two seater sports racing body work on a tubular steel frame. All round coil spring suspension with double wishbone front and live rear axle located by trailing arms and a A bracket.. Engine and running gear are Ford Anglia 105E with 39 bhp 997cc, giving 90 mph top speed.

At the 1961 Racing Car Show Ginetta introduced the G4, which could be used as a two-seater road car or as a club racer. It was designed by Ivor-Bobwas the administrative talent, Douglas the general manager and Trevor the stylist -and used mainly Ford running gear.