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Ghia 1961


Chrysler Turboflite
Assimetrica Chrysler Valiant
L 6.4 Chrysler
Maserati 5000 GT
Fiat 500 Pick-Up
Jolly Fiat 500/600 

Ghia Jolly on Fiat stand at Chicago Motor Show.


1961 saw Tjaarda resign, a decision usually attributed to friction with another American designer, Virgil Exner Junior (the father had been the main Chrysler designer and thus had worked extensively with Ghia).
Turin Motor Show saw an interesting " dream car" design exercise by Ghia based on the Chrysler Valiant, and called the Asimmetrica. A large facia binnacle enclosing the instruments in front of the driver is carried forward ahead of the windscreen as a tapering bulge along the bonnet, and at the rear there is a single matching fin along the left half of the tail panel. The boot lid is to the right of the fin, while the rear wings retain the curved styling of the Valiant; the car is shown as a convertible. Ghia also show a pick-up truck based on the Fiat 500 and an equally practical 2-4 seater saloon version of the Maserati 5000, featuring a small and flush fitting sliding roof panel. To interest "karters," Ghia display a go-kart fitted with a body of typical racing car styling in contrast with the more usual practice of leaving the machinery exposed on these somewhat limited use vehicles.


Assimetrica Plymouth at Turin Motor Show


Ghia Assimetrica


Ziba Fiat 500 presented at Turin Motor Show



Ghia z 6,4 litrowym silnikiem Chryslera.



Maserati 5000 GT built for Ferdinando Innocenti.

Maserati 5000 GT



Chrysler Turboflite




Kart (Turin)