Classic Car Catalogue

Ghia 1946








The early thirties saw Ghia producing the first few Balilla Coppa d’Oro before Fiat took the design in-house and mass-produced it. Aerodynamic experiments also began to emerge, including some spectacular Lancia Augusta based examples.
All went well and the firm continued to produce various cars for the rich and famous until the war arrived. The usual military production took over at the Ghia factory, alongside which was produced a bicycle. In 1944 the establishment was almost completely destroyed in an air-raid. Shortly afterwards Giacinto became ill and after only a short period passed away. He was followed by his mother and not much later his wife.
This left the company in the hands of numerous inheritors, his brothers ad sisters through his mother and his wifes family through her. Giorgio Alberti retained his share of the company, but Giacinto had already nominated his successor, Mario Felice Boano. Invited by the Ghia family to take over the reigns of the company, Boano closed his own workshop and took the job.