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Gatso 1948




This Dutch brand was created by an engineer aerospace, Maurice Gatsonides, born on 14 February 1911. In 1939 he addressed Schutter & Bakel beater to achieve a car on the chassis of the Ford Mercury first imported in the Netherlands. Maurice Gatsonides participated has some competitions with this surnomée "Kwik" car. The second world war the amene has transforming power of different vehicles engines. In 1946, is a Ford V8 Roadster chassis that is used for the achievement of the single constructed Gatford instance. FoMoCo (Ford Motor Company) sees a bad eye the resemblance between Gatford and Matford brands. The company is then renamed Gatso. In March 1948, Gatso presents for the first time the Aero-Coupé 4000 at Geneva. For the anecdote is a Matford chassis that is chosen! Aviation experience of Mr. Gatsonides is used to achieve at Fokker (aircraft manufacturer) particular very roof. This model was also presented at the first exhibition of war after Amsterdam. 200 commands from the USA have been saved but a single car was built. Always in 1948, 4 other Gatso 4000 (2 Roadster and 2 Coupé) leave Heemstede workshops.