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Fuldamobil 1954

N-2 (359 cc, 9,5 PS)
S-1 (197 cc, 9,5 PS) - new model in March - only 3 made
S-2 (359 cc, 9,5 PS) - new model in November


The original price of the N-2 was initially 2990 DM, from June it was lowered to 2200 DM.

"Srebrna pchła" odnosi spore sukcesy na rynku, jednak niezwykle pracochłonna technologia wykonywanego ręcznie nadwozia nie pozwala na zwiększenie produkcji. Konstruktor Norbert Stevenson w ciągu 10 dni opracował nowy model o większej, charakterystycznie zaokrąglonej karoserii.

Fuldamobil S-2 (this advert mention both: S-1 and S-2 models)

The eclosed body of the new S-1 had room for 2 + 2 persons. At the rear of the body there is a tailgate that include a small rear window, and give access to the luggage compartment above the rear wheel and the engine. The body parts are supplied by the Vereinigten Deutschen Metallwerke from Werdohl. The air or fan-cooled single cylinder - two stroke engine of ILO had 197 cm ³ displacement and made ​​9.5 hp . It is mounted in front of the single rear wheel and drive the rear wheel via a chain. The top speed is 80 km/h The price is 2250 DM . The Nordwestdeutsche Fahrzeugbau from Wilhelmshaven made ​​this model from March 1954 to August 1955 under the name Fuldamobil NWF 200.
The S-2 diffrer from the S-1 mainly by having the Fichtel & Sachs 359 cm³ engine. It cost 2990 DM.

Fuldamobil S-1