Classic Car Catalogue

Fuldamobil 1951

N 248 cc, 8,5 PS – 74 made
N-1 248 cc, 8,5 PS – new model


The first Fuldamobil production model, the 'N' was powered by Baker & Pölling, 248 cc engine mounted in front of the single rear wheel and drove the rear wheel through a chain. The top speed was 75 km/h. It had two seat body, available in closed and open doorless version built on wooden frame covered with leatherette. The original price was 2250 DM. In June 1951, the body dimensions were changed slightly.

N-1 is built from August. It have the same Baker & Pölling engine running a single rear wheel. The body was initially made of steel but now the wooden frame is covered with an aluminum sheets. The car is offered without any paintwork which earned is a nickname 'silver flea'. Open and closed, both two-seat wersions are available. It is about 13 cm longer than it's predecessor. The price is 2490 DM.