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Frisky 1959

Great Britain

Family Three - new model 

Family Three

Frisky Cars Ltd. England

Next came the Frisky sprint, which was sold as an unrealized project to Australia as the Zeta Sports. (when ?)

Captain Flowers then pressed ahead with a more basic Frisky, called the Family Three. For lower production costs and tax savings for the customer, this was a three-wheeler that was stretched by 18 cm in order to accommodate two very small seats behind the front bench. Initially using a feeble 197cc, 9.5 hp motor it quickly became obvious that a 250cc two cylinder engine was required. This 11 hp motor still failed to excite the customers.

Model: Family Three
Years Built: 1958 - 1964
No. Produced: 300
Motor: Excelsior 2-stroke
No. Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 248 cc
Horsepower: 12
Body: Fiberglass
Chassis: Tube
Suspension Front: Dubonnet
Suspension Rear: Coil
Length: 10' 2"
Gearbox: 4 speed
Steering: Cam Gear
Width: 4' 9"
Starter: Dynastart
Brakes: Hydraulic
Weight: 6.5 cwt
Electrics: 12 v
3 Wheels: 4.40 x 10"
Interior: 2 + 2
Ignition: Coil
Top Speed: 50 mph