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Frazer Nash 1930

Boulogne - from 1926; 2-seat Sports or 3/4-seat Convertible
Ulster - from 1929
Falcon - new model, 2-seat Sports.
Interceptor - new model, 3/4-seat Convertible

Great Britain

Motor SportMay 1930
A visit to the new Frazer-Nash Works at Isle worth.

FOR many years Frazer-Nash cars have been famous among owners of sports cars for their remarkable road performance, and it is very gratifying to note that at last they are to have a works worthy of the make, which will enable a proper system of production, in place of the rather "supplied to order" idea which has hitherto been characteristic of them.
We recently dropped into their new works, which was still in course of construction, and found Mr. Aldington very busy getting things arranged for the production of the latest models.
From the days when he was a keen private owner of a G.N. he has maintained his faith in this type of chassis, and now that he is in charge of the whole destiny of the Frazer-Nash car, his experience of the make from its earliest days, through all its changing fortunes, will be immensely valuable to owners, and should ensure its steady success.
His keenness is one of the firm's greatest assets, and one only has to suggest that one's car (of some other make) would show him its dust, to be more or less hauled out and made to try and justify the words; and many other drivers will bear witness that taking on Mr. Aldington in any Frazer-Nash is liable to give one a bit of a surprise in the matter of what can be done with 1,500 c.c., when it is properly used!
The secret of Frazer-Nash performance (if it is a secret) is a high power-weight ratio, and the latest models carry on the tradition. In addition, however, they show huge improvement in detail refinements over anything the firm have ever done before. Modifications of materials in the chassis, and equipment of both chassis and body, have put the finishing touches to what was always an exhilarating motor car.
A short run in one of the latest O.H.V. engined models (which sells with fabric 3-4 seater body and a very full equipment for £425) gave us a very pleasant surprise. Plenty of previous Frazer-Nash's had made us familiar with their performance and handling on the road, which have to be experienced to be fully realised, but the great surprise was the amazing silence. Not a sound from the transmission, or from any part of the chassis, and of course on this job the lower gears are as silent as top, all being direct. With all due respect to the acknowledged performance of the older Nashs, they were not entirely free from mechanical noises, and now that this has been dealt with, a very remarkable vehicle has resulted.
Another point which Mr. Aldington has dealt with is the proper standardisation of all parts, and the equipment of the works with a complete outfit of jigs, to enable a steady production to be maintained, which will abolish the older system of making to order. This was all very well when hand-made single chassis were the order of the day, but is obviously useless in supplying a real sports car at a reasonable price, and the new Frazer-Nash works at London Road, Isleworth, will go a long way towards meeting the demand.
Motor Sport; Sports Models for 1931 October 1930
A new type is to be added to the list of Frazer-Nash cars. This will be a revised form of the former Legere model; it will have a side-valve engine, and the chassis will be considerably lighter than those of the other types. Equipment and bodywork will also be less elaborate. It is understood that it will be priced at approximately £360, and a very fine road performance is promised.
Motor Sport October 1930
New Models
IN addition to the inclusion of an entirely new type—the "Interceptor"—in their range of models for 1931, A.F.N. Ltd., the manufacturers of Frazer Nash cars are now offering a wider variety of standard bodywork. One particularly attractive type is the four-seater here illustrated. The wide doors, absence of running boards, and continuity of waist and bonnet lines give the car a remarkably handsome and sporty appearance. At the same time, the rear compartment provides ample and comfortable accommodation for two passengers. In the case of the "Interceptor," the price with this body is £370.
The complete list with prices of 1931 Frazer Nash models is as follows:
2-seater "Interceptor I" side valve engine, £325,
2 seater "Interceptor II" o.h.v. engine £350,
2-seater "Falcon I" side valve engine £350,
2-seater "Falcon II" o.h.v. engine £375,
2-seater "Boulogne I" side valve engine £395,
2-seater" Boulogne II" o.h.v. engine £425,
2-seater supercharged "Boulogne I" side valve engine £450,
2-seater supercharged "Boulogne II" o.h.v. engine £475.
The above models can be supplied with a 3/4 seater body and long chassis at an extra cost of £25. Four speeds and reverse in place of three speeds and reverse entails an extra charge of £20.
"Ulster I" 4-speed, lowered chassis, roller bearing side valve engine £495,
"Ulster II" 4-speed, lowered chassis, roller bearing o.h.v. engine £495.
Supercharged "Ulster I" 4-speed, lowered chassis roller bearing side valve engine £575,
supercharged "Ulster II" 4-speed, lowered chassis, roller bearing o.h.v. engine £575.




Grand Prix races:
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
Monaco GP 06.04.1930 1 0 0 30 1.5 Bobby Bowes dns
Other races:
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
10.05.1930 Double Twelve 2 2 2 66 C. Penn-Hughes / Miss Penn-Hughes 1,496 c.c. 21st 1100-1500 6th
          65 H. J. / D. A. Aldington 1,496 c.c. 24th 1100-1500 7th

Double-Twelve at Brooklands. Motor Sport