Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1954


  R6 cyl.
   115 hp   
V8 cyl.
   130 hp   




America's lowest priced cars
with finest car features.

In almost every department a Ford duplicates the most expensive cars. That is, except in cost. Finest car features are yours in a Ford at common-sense prices. Ford offers the only V-8 engine in the industry ... new Ball-Joint Front Suspension ... and a choice of all the latest power assists.
So it goes for styling, upholsteries, trim and finishes, and the materials with which a Ford is built! In feature after feature, Ford is as fine as the finest. And that is why Ford is worth more when you buy it and worth more when you sell it.
The industry's most modern power
Ford's new 130-h.p. Y-block V-8 and its running mate, the 115-h.p. I-block Six, offer you "Go" through the full range of driving speeds. Ford's turbo-wedge combustion chambers get the most power out of every drop of gasoline. Short-stroke design means more power is available to propel the car ... less is wasted through friction.
The smoothest ride on the road
New Ball-Joint Front Suspension allows more total up-and-down wheel travel to gentle your ride on roughest roads. There are fewer points of gear in the front end, too–only 4 instead of the usual 16. This means front wheels stay in line longer, handling is consistently easy.
Styling for which you'd expect to pay hundreds more
Every line of every Ford body says "quality." Every color says "good taste." And inside those snug, soundproofed interiors you'll find the most exciting decorating schemes on wheels: upholsteries and trim that are as durable as they are beautifull ... a brand-new Astra-Dial Control Panel that is fashionable and practical.
The last word in power assists*
Master-Guide Power Steering eases steering up to 75%. Swift Sure Power Brakes cut effort up to a third. Power-Lift Windows, front and rear, need no cranking. 4-Way Power Seat goes up and down, forward and back. Fordomatic has the smoothness of a fluid parts convertor plus the "Go" of automatic gears.
* optional at extra cost
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4 Door Sedan
2 Door Sedan
2 Door Business Coupé
Ranch 2 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr


Mainline interior.




4 Door Sedan
2 Door Sedan
2 Door Club Coupé
Ranch 2 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr
Country Sedan 4 Door Stn Wgn


Customline Tudor


Customline Country Sedan

Customline Ranch Wagon



Crestline 4 Door Sedan        
Victoria 2 Door Hardtop        
Skyliner Victoria 2 Door Hardtop        
Sunliner 2 Door Convertible        
Country Squire 4 Door Stn Wgn        

Crestline Sedan



Crestline Skyliner


Crestline Skyliner

Country Squire



Said to be in production, the red Ford Thunderbird is attracting its fair share of sporting enthusiasts.
(Paris Motor Show report)



Service cars







FX-Atmos feature a glass dome roof, tail fins, rocket exhaust taillights and needle-like radio antennae protruding from front fender pods. The radical cockpit have a center-mounted driver’s seat and 2-passenger rear seats. Dual handgrips replaced the normal steering wheel and the dash-mounted "Roadarscope" radar screen provide highway information.






F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6) *   Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class      
201     Esquivel / Mantz / Ruiz R.Jarrito 36th TS 10th    
209 V-8   Cabalén / Silva O.Cabalen 33rd TS 7th    
227     Paredes / Herrastri Paredes 50th TS 23rd    
232     Peduzzi / del Molino Peduzzi 41st TS 14th    
233     Barreiro / Martorani Barreiro 63rd TS 34th    
242     Pingeon / Galandrino Pingeon 76th TS 44th    
246     Abello / Canas Abello 81st TS 46th    
305     Loguló / Canas Loguló 69th TS 39th    
310     Beronio Beronio 57th TS 29th    
312     Cremer / Pliego Cremer 73rd TS 42nd    
313 Crestline   Guzzini / Guzzini Guzzini 77th TS 45th    
314     Musso / Navarro Musso 64th TS 35th    
316     Petinari Petinari 75th TS 43rd    
321     Stickney / von Schoenfeld Stickney 65th TS 36th    
323     Ferrer / Perez Ferrer 68th TS 38th    
325 V-8   Parnisari / Alfaro Parnisari 66th TS 37th    
330     Lilienthal / Anderson Lilienthal 53rd TS 26th    
331 6   Taruffi / Feurchelm F.Clymer 34th TS 8th    
332     Pfeffer Pfeffer 71st TS 40th    
334     Vinales Vidales 72nd TS 41st    
* only finishing cars listed.