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Ford 1978

Escort - modernizacja
Cortina Mk IV - ost. rok
Cortina Mk V - nowy model

Great Britain

Capri and Granada are imported from Germany. Models built in the UK (but not exclusively) are Fiesta, Escort and Cortina.



(957 cc, 40 bhp)
(1117 cc, 53 bhp)
(1298 cc, 66 bhp)
  Hatchback 3-door

Ford FIESTA from £2,260
Ford's fast-selling front-drive three-door hatchback comes in six different types, with three different engine sizes. Least-expensive is the Fiesta 950 (957 cc) which has a low-compression engine demanding only the cheaper grades of petrol, and top model is the Ghia 1.3 with 1300 cc, luxury trim and equipment. The Ghia 1.3 also has a more sporting stablemate, the 1.3S with tauter suspension, and adjustable dampers. There are also 1.1litre Fiestas with L, S, and Ghia designations acCording to specification, all models having a self-lifting tailgate and folding rear seat. For 1979 'S' models have press-button radios as standard.
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Fiesta S

Fiesta 1.1 L



1100 (1097 cc, 41 bhp)
1300 / 1300 Sport (1298 cc, 48/57 bhp)
1600 / 1600 Sport (1598 cc, 70/84 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car
RS Mexico (4 cyl, 1593 cc, 95 bhp) (built in Germany)
RS 1800 (4 cyl, 1835 cc, 115 bhp)
RS 2000 (4 cyl, 1993 cc, 110 bhp) (built in Germany)
  Saloon 2-door

Ford ESCORT from £2,253
Ford's two and four-door Escort saloons (and three-door Estate models) have several modifications for 1979. Every Escort except Ghia models feature all-black radiator grilles, and Popular 1100s, as well as base Estates have radial ply tyres. A new soft-grip steering wheel is standard on all but Sport and Rallye Sport models, and all models (except RS2000) have wider-offset 5 in, wheels to increase track. The Mexico is discontinued, but there are now two RS2000 models, the standard version having 51 in. steel wheels and 'Mexico trim', and the Custom with 6 in. light-alloy wheels, Recaro seats and tinted glass.
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Ford ESCORT ESTATE from £2,520
The commodious Escort estate, like other models in the range, features new all-black radiator grille, and has carpeting instead of matting in the passenger compartments. There is also a parcel shelf added to the front passenger's side. Square tungsten headlights, perforated headlining, and an intermittent control for the windscreen wipers are also new features. Available with 1100 or 1300 cc engines, the three-door estates have a load capacity of 53 cu. ft. with rear seat folded. The larger-engined cars are available with automatic transmission, and there are base, L, and GL variations. GL models have radio.
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Escort 1600 Sport

Escort RS 2000



1300 (1298 cc, 50 bhp)
1300 (1298 cc, 57 bhp)
1600 (1593 cc, 59 bhp)
1600 (1593 cc, 72 bhp)
2000 (1993 cc, 98 bhp)
2300 (V6 cyl, 2293 cc, 108 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car

Ford CORTINA from £2,766
Roomy medium saloon from Ford of Britain has two and four-door variations (as well as five-door estates), with engines from 1.3 to 2.3 litres. They range from four cylinders to V6, and specifications embrace standard Cortina to L, GL, S, and Ghia, acCording to trim, equipment etc. Smallest engine is the celebrated 1300 ohv unit to be found also in some Escort and (in modified form) in the Fiesta 1300, whilst the largest, the German-built 2300 is the smooth-running six-cylinder which has powered Continental Capris and Taunus models for some years. 'Inbetween' engines are the 1.6 and two-litre in-line four-cylinder motors.
Ford CORTINA ESTATE from £3,398
Ford's handsome Cortina five-door estate is one of the roomiest in the business, and for the motorist who needs a big carrying capacity there is certainly a Cortina for his or her needs. There are seven Cortina estates, with engines from 1.6 litres and four-cylinders to 2.3 litres and six cylinders. Like most Fords there are various marks of trim and specification so that the potential buyer can purchase the needed standard of performance, comfort, and luxury, within an ascending price structure. Top estate is the 2.3 Ghia with V6 engine, limousine trim, plus 107 mph performance in manual form. Automatic transmission is also available.
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Cortina 2.0 GL

Cortina 2.0 S

Cortina 2.0 Ghia




Ford GRANADA from £4,516
Ford's European prestige model, the German-built Granada has clean-cut lines, plus the availability of six engines, including a super-economy 2.1-litre diesel model with Peugeot motor. Granada bodywork is spacious, the Ghia saloons (2.8-litre models only) having high-grade cloth trim, as well as centralised locking for doors and boot. Smallest-engined Granada utilises Fords' four-cylinder two-litre ohc 'four' - also found in Cortinas, Pintos, and Capris. In spite of its modest engine size the Granada 2.0 will exceed 100 mph. Granadas also come with 2.3litre V6 engines, and the top 2.8 Ghia has fuel-injection.
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Granada 2.8 Ghia


Capri Mark II



Capri Mark III


Capri S

Ford CAPRI from £2,959
Popular sporting hatchbacks from Ford were extensively updated with trim and seat improvements last Spring. At the same time important changes were made to improve streamlining, and reduce fuel consumption. A new deep front air-dam is incorporated in the body pressing, and that plus a lowered bonnet, aerofoil grille, and wraparound bumpers have improved maximum speed, fuel consumption, and stability. The shapely hatchbacks are available with 1300, 1600, and 2000 cc four-cylinder engines, and the 3000 has a three-litre V6, the latter also having a rear-mounted spoiler as standard.
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