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Ford 1971


Great Britain

Jedynymi modelami, które nie są wspólne z Fordem niemieckim pozostały pokrewne Zodiac i Zephyr, jednak i one zostaną zastąpione przez zaprezentowanego właśnie Consula.



1100 (4 cyl, 1098 cc, 49 bhp)
1300 (4 cyl, 1298 cc, 58 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car
GT (R4 cyl, 1298 cc, 72 bhp)
Twin Cam (4 cyl, 1558 cc, 109 bhp) - discontinued; 4324 made.
RS 1600 (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 120 bhp)
Mexico (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 86 bhp)
Sport (R4 cyl, 1298 cc, 72 bhp) - new model

Approx. £940 (incl. P.T.)
Permutations on the basic Escort theme are getting more and more complicated and this is yet another mix that Ford have come up with to give a quick motor car at a competitive price. In effect, it is a less well-equipped version of the Escort 1300 GT because it uses the ordinary Escort body with its lower level of trim (rubber flooring, cheaper seats, etc) and the 1298 c.c. GT engine. You also get that sweet Escort gearbox and the result is a 99 m.p.h. saloon that will see off the odd sports car on acceleration, besides being a useful small family car. A sort of wolf in sheep's clothing.
From £936 (incl. P.T.)
Extremely popular versions of the Escort saloons on which they are based, these estate cars have a lift-up tailgate and folding rear seats to turn them into spacious load carriers. There is a choice of engines - 1098 c.c. or 1298 c.c., and de luxe or super versions, the top models having full carpeting, extra bright strip and so on to distinguish them. All the Escorts have a superb manual gearbox, though there's the option of automatic if you prefer. Suspension is traditional Ford, with Macpherson strut at the front and semi-elliptics at the rear.

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Escort Sport

Australian advert.




From £979 (incl. P.T.)
The familiar 1600 c.c. cross-flow engine powers this version of the third generation Cortina to give economy with 90 m.p.h. performance. Ford went through a lot of problems just after the new Cortina launch a year ago, including the worst strike in their history. Now production is really under way and the new Cortinas, with their low, wide and handsome look and their big advances in comfort and refinement, are in great demand. They are the first Fords to have coil spring and wishbone front suspension and four link coil at the rear.
£1,363 (incl. P.T.)
The GXL is the ultimate in Cortinas, with a full range of extra equipment, and comes with a choice of 1600 c.c. or 2 litre engines, both of the new overhead camshaft design. You can also have them with two- or four-door body style, and with manual or automatic gearbox, so the choice is pretty wide. The GXL features special road wheels, black vinyl roof, heated rear window, thickly padded reclining seats, a four-headlamp system and several more luxury trappings. Either engine gives 100 m.p.h. plus performance in a car that has stepped up a class in refinement.

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Cortina GXL

Cortina 1600 GT

Cortina 1300 L

Cortina 1600 XL

Cortina 1600 Estate

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Zephyr 4 (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 88 bhp)
Zephyr 6 (V6 cyl, 2495 cc, 112 bhp)
  Estate Car (Abbott)

From £1,646 (incl. P.T.)
There are three big Ford estate cars - the Zephyr V4 with 1,996 c.c. engine, the V6 with a 2,495 c.c. unit, and the Zodiac with the 2,994 c.c. engine, also a 60 degree V6. The two lower-powered cars also come in basic or de luxe form, so there is a fair range to choose from. As load-carriers they are superb, with a vast amount of space and a big rear door that is self-supporting and very light to open. The conversion is done by Abbotts of Farnham with Ford's co-operation, and is extremely well carried out as one would expect from top coachbuilders.

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Zephyr Estate by Abbott


Zodiac and Executive

Zodiac (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp)
  Estate Car (Abbott)
Executive (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp)

£1,942 (incl. P.T.)
This is Ford's top luxury car, a long-legged saloon that has reached an advanced state of refinement and features comprehensive equipment, right down to a sun-roof as standard. It is a big car, powered by a 128 b.h.p. V6 engine, and with an automatic gearbox as another standard fitting. The interior features polished walnut for the facia and door cappings, and deeply padded seats, the front ones fully reclining. Suspension is independent all round, by coil springs, and there is power steering. The Zodiac is basically similar, but not so well equipped.

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1300 (4 cyl, 1298 cc, 52 bhp)
1300 GT (4 cyl, 1298 cc, 64 bhp) - discontinued in October
1600 (4 cyl, 1599 cc, )
1600 GT (4 cyl, 1599 cc, 82 bhp)
2000 GT (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 93 bhp)
3000 GT (V6 cyl, 2004 cc, 128 bhp) - from October 138 bhp
3000 E (V6 cyl, 2004 cc, 128 bhp) - from October 138 bhp

£ 1,093 (incl. P.T.) The Capri is not yet three years old, but already it seems to have been around for ages, such is the impact it made on the market. There is a host of versions and the 1600 is one of the most popular, offering style and good performance at modest cost. The engine is the familiar 1599 c.c. four-cylinder, driving the rear wheels through a four-speed gearbox, with automatic transmission as an option. Top speed is 96 m.p.h. averaging well over 30 m.p.g. A good car for sporting fathers, with the rear seat big enough to take adults in comfort, too.
£1,666 (incl. P.T.)
Top-of-the-range member of the Capri family, powered by the 2994 c.c. V6 engine from the Zodiac and Executive saloons. So it really is a get-up-and-go car, with a 0-60 time of around nine seconds, and a top speed of 114 miles per hour. The 'E' in the name stands for Executive, and the standard of trim and equipment lives up to it, with special seats, deep pile carpets, heated rear window and so on. Brakes are servo-assisted, with discs at the front and drums at the rear. The power bulge in the bonnet is a recognition point for 3 litre Capris.

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Capri 1600

Capri GT

Capri 3000E



  wb: V4 cyl.
1663 cc
73 bhp (SAE)
V4 cyl.
1663 cc
81.5 bhp (SAE)
V4 cyl.
1996 cc
85.5 bhp (SAE)
V4 cyl.
1996 cc
93 bhp (SAE)
4 cyl. diesel
2358 cc
54 bhp (SAE)
4 cyl. diesel
2358 cc
61 bhp (SAE)
9 Seater 106 in. (2690 mm) Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus
12 Seater 106 in. (2690 mm) Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus
13 Seater 106 in. (2690 mm) Crewbus Crewbus Crewbus Crewbus Crewbus Crewbus
15 Seater 118 in. (3000 mm) - - Bus Bus - Bus
17 Seater 118 in. (3000 mm) - - Crewbus Crewbus - Crewbus
Van 106 in. (2690 mm) 75/90/115 75/90/115 75/90/115/125 75/90/115/125 75/90/115 75/90/115/125
  118 in. (3000 mm) - - 130/150/175 130/150/175 - 130/150/175
Kombi 106 in. (2690 mm) 75/90/115 75/90/115 75/90/115/125 75/90/115/125 75/90/115 75/90/115/125
  118 in. (3000 mm) - - 130/150/175 130/150/175 - 130/150/175
Parcel Van 106 in. (2690 mm) 100 100 100 100 100 100
  118 in. (3000 mm) - - 150 150 - 150
Chassis 106 in. (2690 mm) 75/90/115 75/90/115 75/90/115/125 75/90/115/125 75/90/115 75/90/115/125
  118 in. (3000 mm) - - 130/150/175 130/150/175 - 130/150/175