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Ford 1956

Consul - ost.rok
Zephyr 6 - ost.rok
Zodiac - ost.rok
Consul Mark II - nowy model
Zephyr Mark II - nowy model
Zodiac Mark II - nowy model

Great Britain

Na przełomie roku 1956/57 debiutowały Consul, Zephyr i Zodiac Mark II. Consul ma rozst. osi 265 cm, dł.432 cm, silnik R4 1,7 l. Zephyr i Zodiac to niemal identycznie wyglądające modele o rozstawie osi 272 cm, długości 455 cm i silniku R6 2,6 l. o mocy 90 KM.

Ford Anglia 100E Saloon is continued with detail modifications including separate amber flashing trafficators and, on the new De Luxe versions, chrome body-side strips, headlamp surrounds and window surrounds, a flat facia and improved seating. The full-width flush-sided body feature two doors and a horizontal-bar grille whereas the companion Prefect model have four doors and a vertical-bar grille. Both models are powered by the old 1172-cc 36-bhp side-valve Four engine.
Ford Squire and Escort 100E made their debut in the autumn of 1955 for the 1956 model year. Based on the Prefect and Anglia respectively, these compact little estate cars are mechanically similar to the saloons, except that a different gearbox is used and the rear suspension modified. The Squire is to the more comprehensive specification-on a par with the Prefect-and feature wooden strips on the body sides, dual windtone horns, opening (sliding) side windows and better interior finish.
Ford Consul Mark II Saloon is available as a diesel-engined version, powered by a Perkins Four 99 engine. This model can be distinguished by the Perkins motif on the radiator grille.
Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Saloons new Mark II versions were introduced early in 1956 and sharing a completely new full six-seater body shape although each version have its own distinctive radiator grille and styling features. There are numerous mechanical modifications including increased engine performance and revised suspension and brakes. The cheaper and least powerful of the three - the Consul 204E have a 1703-cc four-cylinder 60 bhp engine whereas the Zephyr and Zodiac 206E have 2553-cc six-cylinder engines. The Zodiac is the more expensive version and include additional trim and fittings. Zephyr MkII have 87 bhp 2553 cc six giving 86 mph top speed. Zodiac has optional overdrive, and from October 1956, auto transmission. Estate car and convertible styles also available.



103E (4 cyl, 1172 cc, 30 bhp)
  Saloon 2-door

Ford Popular

Lowest priced of British cars, the veteran Ford Ten Popular is unexpectedly roomy, and is very reliable and long wearing. It has all the essentials of a family four-seater, and its simplicity makes home servicing an easy matter. It has power to spare, but its springing and steering are perhaps more suited to leisurely transportation.


Anglia and Perfect
Escort and Squire

  100E (4 cyl, 1172 cc, 36 bhp)
Anglia Saloon 2-door
Perfect Saloon 4-door
Escort Estate Car
Squire Estate Car

Ford Perfect Deluxe

The Anglia and Prefect saloons (together with their de luxe versions) remain largely unaltered since last year, when they were seen at the Show for the first time. During the year that these eminently sensible models have been available they have gained great popularity with buyers at home and abroad. They are robust, adequately equipped four-seater saloons with lively performance and modern looks. The Anglia and Prefect are also available as attractive estate cars-the Escort and Squire respectively-which also made their debut last year.
(London report, October'56)

Ford Anglia

Ford Escort


Ford Squire jest bardziej komfortowo wyposażoną wersją Escorta.


Consul, Zephyr Six and Zodiac

Consul (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 47 bhp)
  Drophead Coupé
Zephyr Six (6 cyl, 2262 cc, 68 bhp)
  Drophead Coupé
Zephyr Zodiac (6 cyl, 2262 cc, 71 bhp)

Consul Saloon

Zephyr Six Saloon

Zodiac Saloon


Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac


The new Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac, announced in March, offer considerable improvements over the earlier models bearing these names. They are bigger and now seat six; track and wheelbase are increased and engine capacities have been enlarged. The bodies, of integral construction, have greater stiffness, and a change in weight distribution has further improved the handling qualities. Bore and stroke of the 4-cylinder Consul and 6-cylinder Zephyr and Zodiac are increased by 1/8in, giving capacities of 1,703 and 2,553 c.c. respectively. There are substantial gains in power output and torque. A reduced engine speed and raised compression ratio give more economical operation at cruising speeds. New engine features include cast iron crankshafts with hollow webs, - valves working directly in the cylinder heads without valve guides, and a modified cooling system, designed with overseas conditions in mind. Single dry plate clutches of Ford design have hydraulic actuation, and special attention has been paid to keeping pedal pressures low. Gearboxes have three forward speeds and steering column levers. A Borg-Warner overdrive with kick-down engagement is an optional extra. Luggage boot capacity is generous at 20 cu ft. The lid, like the bonnet, has spring-loaded hinges and requires no stay when open.
(London report, October'56)

Zodiac Saloon

Zodiac Saloon

Zodiac Drophead Coupé