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Ford 1939

Eight - ost. rok
Prefect - nowy model
Anglia - premiera
V8 Model 62
V8 Model 91A

Great Britain

2-drzwiowa Anglie, o rozstawie osi 229 cm, napedza silnik R4 933 cm³. Perfect został zaprezentowany w październiku. Jest to 4-drzwiowa, dluzsza o 10 cm, wersja Anglii z silnikiem o pojemnosci zwiekszonej do 1172 cm³.

Ford Motor Company Ltd of Dagenham offers four series of cars, namely the Eight, Model 7Y (later in the year superseded by the Anglia, Model E04A), the restyled 10 HP Prefect, Model E93A, the 22 HP V8, Model 62 (continued from 1938,) and the American type 30 HP V8, Model 91A.
Ford Prefect Model E93A, 10 HP, has a redesigned front end and some detail modifications, otherwise is much like the preceding Ten Model 7W (1937-38). Engine is the well-known 1172-cc (63.5 x 92.5 mm) side-valve Four, with three-speed gearbox. Wheelbase is 7 ft 10 in, tyre size 4.50-17.
Ford Anglia Model E04A which superseded the Eight Model 7Y has 4 inches shorter wheelbase (7 ft 6 in) than Perfect and different front end. Engine is still the side-valve 933 cc Four.
Ford V8 Model 62, 22 HP, 2.2-litre, is produced 1936-39 (early models with spare wheel on back), then continued as 3.6-litre with military pattern front end.
Ford V8 Model 91A, 30 HP is similar to its North American counterpart, the 91A-73. In fact, it is an RHD assembled product using components imported from Canada. It is the first Ford car to have hydraulic brakes.



Model 7Y (R4 cyl, 993 cc)



Model E93A (R4 cyl, 1172 cc)

Ford Perfect Saloon



Model E04A (R4 cyl, 993 cc)



V8 Model 62

Model 62


V8 Model 91

Model 91A

V8 Model 91A





Rallies (all Eurpoean Fords:
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results: (all European Fords)
17-25.01.1939 Rallye Monte Carlo     22 71  Mutsaerts / Kouwenberg V8 3rd
          1  Bakker-Schut / Nortier V8 5th
          34  van der Hoek / Ton V8 6th
          44  Gatsonides / Barendregt V8 7th
          28  Whalley V8 9th
          30  Scott V8 15th
          25  Bellen / Pronaszko V8 17th
          105  Macher / Bruckhoff V8 19th

Amy Johnson and Mrs. M. McEvoy, Ford V8, start from John o’ Groats, 76th.



Fordson 10 CWT 10 HP Utility