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Ford 1937

Popular (8 HP) - ost.rok
De Luxe (10 HP) - ost.rok
Eight - nowy model
Ten - nowy model
V8 Model 62
V8 Model 78 - nowy model

Great Britain

Ford Eight, Model 7Y, replaced the Model Y Popular during 1937 (for 1938). It is mechanically similar, having a 7 ft 6 in wheelbase chassis with transverse springing and 933-cc (56.6 x 92.5 mm) side-valve Four engine, rated at 7.96 HP. Gearbox is three-speed, tyre size 4.50-17. The new Eight has modernized body styling and pressed steel wheels. There is also a 5-cwt Van variant.
Ford Ten, Model 7W superseded the Model C De Luxe in May 1937. It is distinguishable from the Model 7Y Eight by its radiator grille which has three vertical divisions. The engine is a 10 HP 1172-cc (63.5 x 92.5 mm) side-valve Four, similar to that of the preceding Model C. Wheelbase is 7 ft 10 in.
Ford V8 Model 62 has 22 HP 2.2-litre V8 engine and was first introduced in 1936. Wheelbase is 9 ft 1/4 in. The Saloon is the only body style offered and cost £210. The chassis is, however, available for special bodywork and is priced at £160. Very much the same car is produced by Matford in France.
Ford V8 Model 78, 30 HP, is available with a variety of body styles. Most are imported from Canada. (It is believed that only the Sedan (saloon) was assembled at the Dagenham Ford plant.)



Model Y (R4 cyl SV, 933 cc, 22 bhp)


De Luxe

Model C (R4 cyl, SV, 1172 cc, 32.5 bhp)



Model 7Y (R4 cyl, 933 cc,)




Model 7W (R4 cyl, 1172 cc,)



V8 22 HP

Model 62

V8 Model 62 Saloon

Ford V8 model 62 Saloon na taśmie produkcyjnej w zakładach w Dagenham.


V8 30 HP

Model 78

V8 Model 74 Saloon




Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 19-20.06.1937   Results:
No. Model Drivers Entrant gen. class  
42 Ten Bilney / Richmond M. K. H. Bilney 14th 751-1100 2nd

Ford Ten at Le Mans (M. K. H. Bilney / Joan Richmond) took 2nd place in 751-1100 cc class.

Rallies: (all European Fords)
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-30.01.1937 Rallye Monte Carlo     16 1 Cristea / Cielo   7th
          49 Knutsen / Aas V8 9th
          55 van Beeck Calkoen   11th
          56 van Strien   12th
          129 Neamtu / Berlescu   14th
          54 Habrut   20th
          130 Ioanidi   28th ->1500 5th
          97 Brusell / von Blixen-Finecke   37th, Ladies Cup 2nd