Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1972



The most important competition of the VW in Brazil is the Ford Corcel, a model developed years ago by Renault for Willys Overland. Ford has since bought up Willys and is now producing this car in large series, but apparently still at a loss, due to the necessary improvements of the initially flawed product.
The Aero, which was also taken over form Willys at the time, will no longer be produced and will soon be replaced by a Brazilian version of the American Ford Maverick.

Rural called "Ford Country", new colors.



wb: 2435 mm 4 cyl.
1289 cm³
68 hp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1400 cm³
75 hp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1400 cm³
85 hp (SAE)
4 cyl.
1440 cm³
86 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr Sedan - - -
Coupe 2-dr Coupé - GT Bino
Kombi 3-dr - Belina - -


Galaxie, LTD and Landau

wb: 3020 mm V8 cyl.
4785 cm³
190 hp (SAE)
Sedan 4-dr

Galaxie 500

LTD Landau

Rural and F-75

wb: 2654 mm 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
6 cyl.
3014 cm³
110 hp (SAE)
Kombi 2-dr Rural Rural
Pick-up F-75 F-75




wb: 6 cyl.
2640 cm³
90 hp (SAE)
2057 mm CJ-5
2565 mm CJ-6


With the acquisition of Willys do Brasil by Ford and the Jeep by American Motors, Ford became a licensee of AM in Brazil. Except for the engine, the Brazilian Jeep largely corresponds to the American original.