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Ford Australia 1975



Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd.,
Private Bag 6, Campbellfield, Victoria 3061, Australia
The Australian Ford is working in the shadow of the broader program of GM Holden. The production ratio Holden to Ford is about 3: 2, Chrysler Australia comes close to half of the Ford figures. Export not only to East Asia, but a selection of large models even to England.
The Ford Cortina 6 is an English Cortina. Engines, however, are 6-cylinder 3.3 liters / 132 hp and 4.1 liters / 157 hp.
The large models are offshoots of older US Ford. The series Falcon, Futura, Fairmont and Fairlane was derived from the US Ford Fairlane of the 60s. The Ford Landau is a luxury coupe on Falcon suspension with the 5.8-liter 304 hp engine. With the Ford LTD, the top model follows as a sedan on extended chassis with the same engine as Ford Landau.








Falcon and Fairmont

wb: 116 in.
(2946 mm)
6 cyl.
3280 cc
200 cid
130 hp
6 cyl.
4100 cc
250 cid
155 hp
V8 cyl.
4950 cc
302 cid
240 hp
V8 cyl.
5750 cc
351 cid
260 hp
V8 cyl. 4bbl
5750 cc
351 cid
300 hp
Falcon Hardtop 500 opt opt opt GT
Fairmont Hardtop - std opt opt -
Falcon Utility std opt opt opt -
Falcon Van std opt opt opt -


FORD FAIRMONT from £3,063
American size and style, but from Ford of Australia, where this big saloon is one of a range of cars with six-cylinder and V8 engines. The selection also includes coupös and station Wagons, wich the powerful flexible engines and easy-riding suspension demanded by buyers who offen have to travel big distances with heavy loads. Australia also makes a six-cylinder Cortina, but it would be surprising to see that in London.

V8 cyl., 4944 cc, 216 bhp; wb: 9ft. 3in.
London show review

Falcon GT

Falcon GT

Falcon GT

Falcon Fairmont

Falcon 500 GS

Falcon 500 GS


wb: 2946 mm
(116 in.)
V8 cyl.
4950 cm³
(302 cid)
V8 cyl.
5753 cm³
(351 cid)
Sedan 4-dr std opt



LTD and Landau