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Ford Australia 1967



The marketing focus on the Falcon's relationship with the Mustang's sporty appeal led to Ford introducing a Falcon GT variant of the XR in 1967, featuring a 225 bhp (168 kW) version of the 289 cubic inch (4.7-litre) Windsor V8 engine, sourced from the Ford Mustang. All of the original XR GTs were painted in the colour 'GT Gold', except for eight that were "Gallaher Silver" and another five that were "Russet Bronze, Sultan Maroon, Polar White, Avis White and Ivy Green". The non-gold GTs, while having the same specifications, are the rarest of the early Australian muscle cars. Also specified on the first GT Falcon was a Hurst shifter for the 4spd gearbox, deep dish sports steering wheel, sports instrumentation, chrome full-cover wheel trims, and thick 'GT stripes' along the lower panels between front and rear wheels.
The ZA Fairlane series, introduced in March 1967, is designed and built in Australia although its front end styling resemble the American Ford Fairlane. The body shape is similar to the 1966-67 U.S. Fairlane. Offered as the Fairlane and the Fairlane 500, it is based on the Australian XR Falcon. The 2819 mm wheelbase of the Falcon is stretched to 2946 mm, the front and centre body sections are retained and a new twin headlight grille is added. The rear quarter panels and boot from the US Fairlane are used and square taillights replace the round units used on the Falcon. The Fairlane is equipped with a 200-cubic-inch (3.3 L) six-cylinder engine as standard with a 289-cubic-inch (4.74 L) V8 as an option. The Fairlane 500 feature the 289-cubic-inch (4.74 L) V8 as standard. The six-cylinder engine is available with manual or automatic transmission and the V8 only with an automatic.











ZA wb: 116 in. Six
121 bhp
200 bhp
Fairlane Sedan 4-dr std opt
Fairlane 500 Sedan 4-dr - std


Fairlane 500 with optional vinyl roof.


Galaxie 500

wb: 119 in. V8 cyl.
200 hp
V8 cyl.
280 hp
Sedan 4-dr